Services for Professionals

Are you a professional looking for authoritative drug infomation? Do you need information on prescription medications, nutritional supplements, or herbal supplements? Do you need to know which ones are safe or not safe to be used together?

If you answered yes to any of these, I can help. With years of experience as a pharmacist in the clinic and a Masters Degree in Nutrition, I offer the following services to you and your patients upon referral:

  • Prescription/supplement review – Refer your patients and I will check for drug-drug, drug-nutrient, and drug-food interactions. Are they safe? Are there duplications? Can some things be eliminated? The answer is usually YES!
  • Health Professional Consultations – Are you having difficulty controlling the condition of a patient? Are you wondering if a prescription, supplement, or nutritional deficiency may be aggravating it? Many prescriptions cause nutritional deficiencies which aggravate medical conditions. What tests should you run to assess nutritional deficiencies? I can answer that!
  • Questions about biochemical pathways? Wondering about potential blocks in metabolism? I can answer that too! The time I save you from having to do the research on your own more than pays for itself.
  • Attorney Consultations – Do you have a case involving medications? Do you need background information on prescription drug interactions or side effects? Ask the Pharmacist!