How it Works


It starts with a phone call or e-mail from you. If you simply want a Medication Review, call or email for a 60 minute appointment. If you have other concerns,  Call or email for a free face-to-face consultation. This is where I find out in-depth, about you, your background and what’s going on.

For some, a single appointment is all that’s needed. For some, we’ll map out a treatment plan, any lab work needed, and a follow up plan.

I work closely with your regular doctor and any other providers you have. Together we give you total support.


Seeking medical information? Contact me with your query or concern. Often I can answer questions on-the-spot, in 15 minutes or less. If need be, I will research the query and report back, with supporting documentation, in the depth that’s appropriate for you. You never pay for more information than you need.